10 Decorative Wireless Doorbells To Make Your Home Look More Attractive

Doorbells don’t have to look plain. There are lots of beautiful doorbells that functions well if you know where to look. Decorative doorbells are better than normal doorbells because they make your door new and more attractive. The small details matter when it comes to home and living. That’s why you should be picky about doorbell designs.

I’m pretty sure that you’re feeling lazy to browse the web and look for one. So let me show the best ornamental doorbells that you might love.

Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers & Buttons

1. Heath Zenith SL-925-02

This doorbell is engraved with lots of twisting patterns mainly on the top and bottom. The design of this product is highly reminiscent of the traditional decorative doorbells in Europe during the 1700s. Even so, Health Zenith SL-925-02 has a very modern function. Manufacturers installed it with a led button so that you won’t have to fumble in the dark.

This product is very small. Installing it on your door will only take 5-10 minutes. You only have to use small drills and 3-5 screws for installation. That said, you should get this product if you’re looking for a decorative doorbell that’s easy to set-up and use.

Get To Know Health Zenith SL-925-02

  • Antique Brass Finish
  • Palm-Sized Doorbell
  • Classic European Design
  • Easy and Quick To Install
  • Lighted Button

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2. Adonai Hardware Nehushtan Decorative Brass Bell

Adonai Nehushtan has the same classic European design as Health Zenith SL-925-02. However, it’s bigger than the previous product. Furthermore, it also comes in more color varieties. Adonia Nehushtan is available in antique brass, antique brushed nickel, antique copper, silicon bronze rust patina, oil rubbed bronze, and satin brass.

This doorbell is a bit bulky so you might need 5 screws to install this. The sheer size of this product makes it perfect to tone down the domineering appearance of very wide doors.

Get To Know Adonai Nehushtan

  • Comes in Different Colors
  • Moderately Big Doorbell
  • Ergonomic Push Button
  • Great Doorbell for Wide Wooden or Fiberglass Doors

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3. Baldwin Doorbell 9BR7015-001

This product is perfect if you’re looking for decorative doorbells that don’t look too extravagant. Baldwin Doorbell 9BR7015-001 has a simple yet elegant design. It’s not engraved with messy looking patterns. Its sides are sleek and smooth. Furthermore, it’s very light and allows for easy installation.

Just like the first product on this list, Baldwin Doorbell 9BR715-001 comes with a glow-up button.

Get To Know Baldwin Doorbell 97BR7015-001

  • Sleek and Simple Design
  • Glow-Up Push Button
  • Lightweight Doorbell
  • Perfect for Minimalist Doors

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4. Thomas & Betts Doorbell FBA-DH1691L

Thomas & Betts Doorbell FBA-DH1691LThe design of this doorbell utilizes contemporary and classic themes. The antique finish gives this product a classic look. On the other hand, the engravements of the sun, snow crystal, pine branch, and flower are reminiscent of contemporary works of art. Thomas & Betts Doorbell FBA-DH1691L has a very elegant look and is perfect for luxury themed doors.

Get To Know Thomas & Betts Doorbell FBA-DH1691L

  • Stylish and Elegant Doorbell
  • Durable
  • Glow-Up Push Button

5. Broan-NuTone Doorbell PB69LBL

This doorbell has a sleek minimalist design. Manufacturers didn’t engrave patterns or put embossments on it. As a result, Broan-Nutone Doorbell PB69LBL looks very clean with its matte black finish. In connection, you can install this product on any doors due to its surface mount feature.

This product is very durable. Manufacturers equipped it with anti-UV function so that it won’t degrade due to continuous exposure to sunlight.

Get To Know Broan-NuTone Doorbell PB69LBL

  • Ultraviolet Resistant Doorbell
  • Clean and Simple Design
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Perfect for Various Types of Doors

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6. Vicenza Designs San Michele Fan Doorbell

Vicenza Designs San Michele Fan DoorbellThis is one of those unique and elegant decorative doorbells that are great for users who live in wealthy communities. Craftsmen engraved San Michelle Fan doorbell with patterns that are highly reminiscent of Indian themes. The antique brass finish gives this product a very luxurious look.

Don’t hesitate to get this product if you’re looking for a doorbell that will wow your wealthy neighbors.

Get To Know Vicenza Designs San Michelle Fan Doorbell

  • Lead-Free Doorbell
  • U.S. Craftsmen Handcrafted Doorbell
  • Fan Shaped Doorbell
  • Great For Luxury Themed Doors

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7. Waterwood Golf Doorbell

You shouldn’t miss this doorbell if you’re a golf fan. The design of Waterwood Golf Doorbell doesn’t disappoint. It’s a doorbell that looks like a golf club filled golf bag. Craftsmen gave a lot of details for this doorbell. It has zippers, bulging pockets, and other realistic patterns.

This doorbell isn’t too small. That said, it stands out from afar.

There’s also a bronze finish version of this product. I think that you’ll prefer the bronze Waterwood Golf Doorbell if you think that the highly colored version is too fancy or young-looking.

Get To Know Waterwood Golf Doorbell

  • Very Realistic Design
  • Handcrafted and Handpainted
  • Glow-up Push Button
  • Can Be Installed Over Any Rectangular Doorbell

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8. Adonai Hardware Parshandatha Doorbell

Thomas & Betts Doorbell FBA-DH1691LIf you don’t like Adonai Nehushtan, Adonai Parshandatha is a good alternative. This product fits into the category of decorative doorbells that showcase a mix of different designs. The engravements on Parshandatha is based on European and Indian classic styles. Manufacturers filled this doorbell with a lot of details and you won’t regret buying it.

Get To Know Adonai Hardware Parshandatha Doorbell

  • European and Indian Engravements
  • Highly Detailed Doorbell
  • Wide Doorbell
  • Great Doorbell Large Doors

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Best Halloween Decorative Doorbells

Aside from improving the look of your home, you can also have a decorative doorbell to commemorate a special event. An example is Halloween. In 3 months, the day of the dead will be coming. That said, get a Halloween decorative doorbell to make a treat or treating more enjoyable for kids.

Buy a Halloween decorative doorbell before November arrives. Don’t wait for their price to flare up due to an increase in demand. Here are some of the best Halloween doorbells that you might want to order right now.

Skull Halloween Doorbell

Get To KNow Skull Halloween DoorbellThis is a doorbell that 7-10-year-old kids will love. Skull Halloween doorbell features a smooth white finish and glowing red eyes. Kids get it to work by moving the knocker that manufacturers placed on the mouth. This doorbell produces a deep demonic sound that will surely frighten kids a bit.

Get To KNow Skull Halloween Doorbell

  • Glowing Red Eyes
  • Spooky Sound
  • Smooth White Finish
  • Easy To Install
  • Runs on Batteries

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Eyeball Halloween Doorbell

Eyeball Halloween DoorbellThis doorbell features an eyeball that looks around whenever kids press the push button. The eyeball glows with a green hue so it’s very noticeable in the dark. Eyeball Halloween doorbell is made out of plastic material and runs on 3 batteries. Furthermore, you don’t have to screw this on the door for installation. Just hang it and you’re all set.

Get To Know Eyeball Halloween Doorbell

  • Runs on Batteries
  • Easy To Install
  • Plastic Finish
  • Highly Detailed
  • Lightweight Halloween Doorbell

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Duval Animated Eyeball Haunted Doorbell

amazon dorbellThis one has a more mature design than the previous product. Duval Animated Eyeball Doorbell features a cross-shaped exterior. The look of this product reminds me of doorbells on haunted castles and estates. This haunted doorbell’s eyeball feature also glows with a green hue. Pick this if Eyeball Halloween Doorbell doesn’t impress you.

Get To Know Duval Animated Eyeball Haunted Doorbell

  • Design that Caters To Older Kids
  • Vey Spooky Sound
  • Sturdy Halloween Doorbell

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Mysika Skull Doorbell

Mysika Skull Doorbell has a very realistic design. This is why it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a Halloween doorbell that will chase the kids away. Its sound quality isn’t bad either. The speaker of this doorbell has a great balance and delivers spooky sound in high definition. The glowing red-eyes are very bright and work well for illuminating the doorstep.

Get To Know Mysika Skull Doorbell

  • Realistic Design
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • HD Speakers

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Conclusion: How Do You Choose Doorbells?

One of the best practices for choosing the best decorative doorbell is to look at size, functionality, and design. You should opt to get a large decorative doorbell if you aim to tone down the bulky look of the door. On the other hand, a small decorative doorbell is ideal if your door has a messy or highly detailed design.

The next consideration is functionality. Ditch doorbells that don’t have led lights and go for ones that come with glowing push buttons. Glowing push buttons means that visitors won’t have to fumble. This is very important if the guests are in a hurry to get your attention. Furthermore, it also helps whenever the lights on your doorstep suddenly break.

Lastly, the design of a decorative doorbell is important for easy installation. There are decorative doorbells that look good but take time to install. This might be because they don’t come with features that allow for easy installation. The best decorative doorbells have designs that allow you to install them on any surface. This is the case with all the products that I showed here.

Lastly, it won’t be bad if you go for doorbells that are easy to repair. Pick doorbells that come with repair kits. Repair kits are useful because they help you fix a doorbell without professional help.

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