Best doorbells that work with google home

In the past people used to knock doors as a sign of alerting homeowners that they had visited them. In this digital era, homeowners all over the world have boldly welcomed the good idea of installing door bells in their beautiful homes and apartments. Door bells are devices installed near the door or an entrance to an apartment that are used to alert homeowners of the presence of a visitor. When the visitor outside the door presses a button installed at the gate the bell rings alerting the homeowner. The bell is rung usually by a push button at the outer door.

There are three types of door bells. We have the wired door bells, wireless door bells and the smart door bells. Wired door bells are installed and connected to a home electricity power system. They are composed of a button placed outside, a power transformer and a chime. Door bells are generally installed using a 120-voltage wire.

When installing a wired door bell at your home it is recommendable to first put off the power at your home’s circuit breaker. Use a voltage tester to check whether power has been completely turned off. As a homeowner you do not have to be anxious over anything regarding door bells installation as they function under low power voltage hence no need for an electrician. Door bells can be placed in either right side or left side of the door depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Majority of wired door bells used a door transformer that uses electricity power system. Other wired door bells used batteries for power thus making a transformer not a necessity. When purchasing a door bell buy also a two stranded and a three stranded wire. These two-stranded and three-stranded wires will aid in the sound system of the bell. Keep in mind there are three colors of a transformer. The ground wire has green color, the neutral wire is white in color and finally the hot or live wire is black in color. Each wire has its unique color.

Door bells transformers are usually located at the entryway, near the front door, at the basement, on a wall or behind the insulation. Mostly they are placed on the wall of the garage.

Wired Door Bell

How to Install a Wired Door Bell

1. Attach the door bell transformer to the available power source- The transformer is to be connected to a 120- power voltage. The power supply could be an attic outlet or a ceiling light box. Use the voltage tester to confirm the power supply in the connecting circuit is continuous.

2. Turn of the power system- it is advisable and essential to ensure the power to the circuit powering the door bell transformer is turned off. Use the voltage meter to confirm that the power system is turned off. You can check the electrical ceiling box or the attic outlet. Once the power is verified to be turned off, then you can start connecting the transformer wires. Connect the ground wire which has green color, the neutral wire which is white in color and finally the hot or live wire which is black in color to their respective wires in the electricity box. Twist each one of the transformer wire with its corresponding wires and secure them with nuts.

3. Run the two stranded wire to the location of the transformer- one of the items in the door bells installation kit is the two- stranded wire. The two stranded wire runs from the push button of the door bell to the transformer. It runs from the place where the door bell transformer is located to the wall or place where the door bell button is also placed. Since the wire runs down the wall, the installers use fish tapes to pin the wire through the wall up to the location of the push button.

4. Run the three stranded wire to the location of the transformer- the three stranded wire runs from the chime to the location of the transformer. The installers also use the fish tape to snake the wires. Additional holes are drilled during the installation.

5. Attach the chime wires and the push button to the terminals

6. Mount the doorbell. Put on the power system then test the sound system of the bell. If there are any replacements or changes to be done ensure you first switch off the power system.

Wired door bells

Wired door bells use hard wires to connect to the electrical power system. They have two wires whereby one wire runs from the switch to the chime while the other wire runs from the location of the transformer to the chime. The switch and the transformer have a terminal connecting them together.

Steps of Fixing a Broken Wired Door Bell

Door bells can stop working due to different reasons which are easy to fix. Some of the reasons that may cause a door bell to stop functioning are loose wires, corroded wires, malfunctional transformers or push buttons and short circuits or power circuits.

To fix these different problems you need different items. These items include sandpapers, screwdrivers, rubbing alcohol, cotton wool, pliers, and electrical contact cleaner.

1. Check all the wires- check all the wires connected to the door bell whether they are loose or if they are damaged. If the wires happen to be loose try tightening them. Ensure you keenly check the wires in the transformer, those behind the button and those in the junction box.

2. Check for the corroded terminals- if all the wires are not damaged or loose remove the button plate and check the terminals whether they are corroded.

3. At the ends of both the two strand wire and three strand wires strip off an inch of the insulation- use the electrical contact cleaner to clean the ends of both the wires. Also use the sand paper to sand off any corroded parts of the wires.

4. Use cotton or soft tooth brush dipped in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to clean the bell- cleaning the bell can aid in sound system of the bell. This should be done when the bell kind of produces some funny noises. Never use oil to rectify sound in the bell. Oil can increase the problem and also add dirt to the bell. You can also think of replacing the old grommets with new ones. Grommets are used to hold chimes.

Best doorbells that work with google home

1. Atticus Hard- Wired Door Bell – this door bell is only powered by a transformer. It is also white in color hence contrasting well with other colors. It has beautiful sounds such as ding dong and ding.

2. The Broan NuTone doorbell – this is the best door bell in the market a home owner can buy since it has two chimes whereby one can be fixed in the front door and the other chime at another door. It is soft and quite easy to use for any person young or old by simply pressing the button and it immediately rings.

3. Honeywell hard wired Door bell- it is square in shape. It has a chime that can use both battery power and transformer power.

4. NuTone Hard Wired Door Bell Push Button- it is sun protected hence serving for a long duration. It also has a variety of push buttons.

5. Thomas and Betts hard wired door bell- it has wooden cover with unique golden in color finishing tubes. This is recommendable to a homeowner who prefers unique but attractive chimes. It is a wonderful décor.

6. JACKY LED Hard Wired Push Button Door bell- this one is made of brass.

7. NuTone Two-Wired White Door Bell- this one is a good fit if you are replacing the old door bells as it fits well on the previous holes due to its design.

8. Health zenith Door bell- it is a good quality of door bell which has a white cover. Its white color makes it unique and attractive. This door bell uses a 16 voltage power transformer.

9. Honeywell Wired Door Bell- it is unique because it has a combination of wood and glass design. That makes it quite attractive. For power supply it uses both battery and transformer.

Door bells manufacturers have recently produced the best door bells with different unique features hence giving buyers opportunities to invest in door bells of their preferences. People are now buying door bells that they feel matches their tastes. When buying a good door bell remember to buy a transformer, a chime and a push button. While connecting a door bell at your home it is always recommendable to ensure you have turned off all the sources of power. Use voltage tester to test and verify that the power is totally turned off on the circuit breaker. Door bells’ transformers are mostly located at the entryway of the house or apartment. Always run the two stranded wire to the transformer and the three stranded wire to the chime.

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